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                                  Initial decision to review: 5-7 days after submission

                                  Submission to first decision: 6 weeks after submission

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                                  Publication of accepted manuscripts: 5-7 days after acceptance


                                  Other Cold Spring Harbor Publications
                                  Other Cold Spring Harbor Publications
                                  Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology superⅴpn下载iOS Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine superⅴpn下载iOS Cold Spring Harbor Protocols tai superⅴpn下载 tai superⅴpn下载 zero ⅤPN下载 Genes & Development superⅴpn download Learning & Memory Life Science Alliance RNA ios加速精灵pn下载 BioSupplyNet



                                  • Editorial: Pediatric genetics
                                  • Identification of novel compound heterozygous mutations in ABCA3 lipid transporter in a neonate with respiratory failure
                                  • Evaluation of causal alterations, prevalence of mosaicism in disease-causing variants, and diagnostic yield in a clinical exome sequencing cohort of 357 pediatric patients
                                  • A novel IRAK4 variant identified in an 11-month-old boy with concurrent bacterial infections and a blunted inflammatory response to invasive infection
                                  • New insights into an important mechanism of early-onset Wilson disease caused by ATP7B exon skipping
                                  • RNA-based analysis aids in variant interpretation for a boy with reticular dysgenesis


                                  Richard Sever interviews Editor-in-Chief Elaine Mardis

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                                  Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies — an open-access journal in precision medicine. Articles present genomic and molecular analyses of individuals or cohorts alongside their clinical presentations and phenotypic information. The aim is to rapidly share insights into disease development and treatment gained by the application of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, biomarker analysis, and other approaches to cancer, complex diseases, monogenic disorders, neurological conditions, and infectious disease.

                                  • Lab Dynamics
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